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Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, UFC Quotes, MMA Quotes, with pictures / images: Georges St-Pierre (GSP) Quotes. MMA. subscribeunsubscribe, readers. 6, users here now .. I know you said UFC/ MMA quotes, but I don't care lol. This is still one of. Demian Maia on being unwilling to bend his principles for the sake of money and championship belts. — MMA. mma quotes He gave a speech every training session and it was always excellent insight. He remains one of the most fearless fighters to ever strap on a pair of gloves and step inside the cage, and this phrase he uttered several years ago pretty much epitomizes exactly who Penn is as a competitor and fighter. Quick Mma quotes Bruce Lee Quotes Martial Arts Wisdom Quotes Life Quotes Quotes Inspirational Favorite Quotes Karate The Hard Forward. There are lots of sports that involve utilizing physical contact - but none more than martial arts. Today, we take a look at the UFC fighter quotes that have filled the airwaves including the mma quotes trash talk, rebuttals, interviews and sometimes just flat happy monkey go 6 hilarious commentary. Just a few fights later he was the heavyweight champion of the world and had everyone convinced that he could almost move mountains with his power and athleticism. Paraphrasing Rashad pep talking his fighter on TUF

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There are very few fighters who can go verb for verb, noun for noun against the quick witted silver tongue from West Linn, Oregon but for all of his funny phrases and rhyming retorts, his most memorable moment happened by saying only five words. DiveTeam Rizin3 Kingmo Crocop Japan saitama Champion. But can we really forget it? I pulled that sum'bitch out, and I beat him over the head with it. A Great Sport in Need of a Great Documentary. Submit a new text post. Wednesday, May 3, Martial Arts will make you a better person if you allow it to.


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